Non-GMO Soybeans

Home chefs, restaurants and food manufacturers  — you’ve found your source for premium non-gmo soybeans to be used in tofu, miso, soymilk, soy sauce, tempeh, soy oil, soy flour, or any other soy product

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The highest quality in the market each and every year.

The United States Department of Agriculture sets its standards for number one grades high. We set ours even higher.

We guarantee Everline Non-GMO Soybeans to match or beat a U.S. number one.


Air Screened Clean

Belt Sorted


Color Sorted

Identity Preserved


Quality Inspected

SQF Certified

Made in the USA

Origin Story

Traceable all the way back to Lathrop, Missouri.

Lathrop FSG cleans, processes, and bags Everline non-GMO soybeans in Lathrop, MO, USA. They clean the non-GMO soybean seed, sell the seed to premium contract growers, buy the product from those growers, and process it into the premium food ingredients we’re proud to put our name on. Lathrop FSG is a Non-GMO project verified, SQF certified and owned by The Redwood Group.

About Lathrop FSG

From individual bags, partial pallets, full pallets or totes to full containers, rail cars or trucks, we tailor orders to fit each of our customers’ needs. Direct from the farm, premium quality you can count on.

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Click the LTL button above if you would like premium Everline ingredients to be delivered directly to your home, grocery store or restaurant in the U.S. We offer individual bags, partial pallets, full pallets or full totes to satisfy all of your needs. LTL shipment are generally 10,000 pounds or less.


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